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Lead Company ARDL


ARDL or ARC GROUP is Sustainable Socio Economic Development Company or Group of companies The Arc Group includes Architecture Research Design and Development Ltd (reg. No. C-78798/09 issue-26507-13-23/07/09) & Architecture Research Design and Development Limited (ARDDL) reg.no c78 798/09 ,Architect Sumsun Nahar Moonni is Managing director of Social Network (under society act ,section-26,c-340(28)/98), director of Charity University (under scientific act xxi 1860 ,s-1894(70)/98, research and implementation director at project aid associates public ltd (c-19295) etc.It has common basements of Community entrepreneurs.

Its highlight the community local entrepreneurs skills, promote theirs innovation with the help of Local government institutions of the country.
ARDL or ARC GROUP have more than 300 sustainable development design concept based on programmatic action of planning, development and implementations strategy. Including Social and Labor Plans, and have managed the implementation of most of these. In doing so, ARDL or ARC GROUP has forged close working relationships with industry, government, communities and traditional authorities. ARDL or ARC GROUP has a proven track record in successfully implementing Sustainable Development Programmes in rural communities in Bangladesh.

It has new ways of practice, research, workshop, teaching and learning concepts as well as a strong cooperation between higher educational mentors, entrepreneurs and business persons and to enhance a sustainable socio-economic development.

The company has a specialist in the design and implementation of Socio-Economic and Community Development Programmes and Projects. These solutions generate meaningful empowerment, livelihood development, income creation, enterprise development and poverty eradication in disadvantaged communities. We ensure that our clients meet their legislative, charter and global best practice requirements.

It has concepts sustainable solutions. ARDL or ARC GROUP is lauded as an expert in the fields of Socio-Economic Development, Rural and Community Development, Sustainable Livelihood Development, Local Economic Development and Sustainable Economic Production. Our expertise extends to Social and Labor Plans, Social-Economic Impact Assessments, Stakeholder Engagement and Sustainability Reporting.

Social Economic Development (SED) strategy is about empowering communities in our project catchment areas with resources, support and skills that ultimately lead to better lives. Its aim is to become a benchmark of effective SED within the construction industry by ensuring impact and sustainability of community initiatives. The impact the company makes on empowerment of communities is immense and goes beyond the borders of Bangladesh and Global where It was operated.


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