• Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Lead Company ARDL

Sustainable Socio-Economic Development Company

Project concept

Project concept: Designing Climate-Responsive Community resilience master plan and Complete Neighborhood Architecture Model with ‘Integrated Climatic Change Research and knowledge management Agriculture-based Green Housing Development Programs-project

Smart Farm

ESHO is E-shop Smart Home. ESHO is a smart home based income generating work station for the company ARDL’s Union partners UPs, Community entrepreneurs CEPs and Associates. Union Global Business…


ESHO-ARDL “ESHO-ARDL” UNBD SDG2030’s 4G Project PROJECT SUMMARY 1. Project short title or Short Name: ESHO-ARDL 2. Project Long Title: Master plan with Sustainable Socioeconomic diversified integrated partnership good practice…

Project Implementing Agency

We would really like to talk to you about this, but we just haven’t found the words yet. Please check back soon. Eshoardl or SDGs2030 Project Implementing Agency 1.1 Project…