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Non-Electric Sewage Treatment Plants
Non-Electric Sewage Treatment Systems
Some of the latest sewage treatment systems do not need electricity to power the treatment process. They use natural air currents to aerate the sewage and are non-aquatic

The FilterPod uses two separate stage of settlement prior to the FilterPod unit itself. These are FilterPod Settlement Tanks.
They are installed along with the FilterPod, in the same hole and at the same depth, to make installation easy.

The first tank settles out large solids and the second tank settles out the finer, smaller solids.

There is a DrainX filter on the outlet of the second tank, to further prevent tiny suspended solids from leaving the tank.

Settlement Tanks for the FilterPod Sewage Treatment Plant

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Above Ground Mobile Sewage Treatment Plants

Apex 100 person mobile sewage treatment plant built into a container

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Environmental Technology and Architecture and design

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ETP | Sugar industry effluent treatment plant process philosophies

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Effluent is an out flowing of water or gas to a natural body of water,
Wastewater plant layout
Case Study