Million Global Green Great Group (4G) Members for self employments at Home

  • Each CEP Members will also invest 32,800 taka BDT personally to learn and trained practically for their self employment, Project guideline eBook, sign MOU & PPA, get Individual market place web site, Social media sites, books, poster, stickers etc.  and their product or service promotions and loan or personally invest 13,27,200 taka BDT total 13,60,000 taka BDT for self sufficient smart home work station  and CEP will earn total 40,000taka cash and service benefit per month from production, service under the project. (If any Local and International financial organizations provide loan for 10years to the CEP and each CEP can refund 20,000taka or more per month and ARDL’s UP will provide services to the interested Local and International financial organizations to collect the revenues.