• Mon. Aug 8th, 2022


Sumsun Nahar Moonni

Bachelors of Architecture, (BUET), Sustainable Development Project -Program Master Planner , SDG2030 design Expert, USBG Green Building Consultant, Content Writer, Project Profile Developer.

Sumsun Nahar Moonni , a Graduate Architect from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) batch 1993. A highly efficient energetic individual’s, have 19 years diversified experience in Sustainable community development master plan, Green Architecture, Urban-Rural landscape projects and program design, planning, budgeting, management, implementation, direction, evolution, administers , Monitoring, along with Project buildup application as Managing Director/Project Directors of Architecture Research design and Development Ltd (reg. no-C-81662/10 ISSUE-26507-13) , SOCIAL NETWORK (under society act ,section-26,C-340(28)/98), Director of CHARITY UNIVERSITY (under scientific act XXI 1860 ,S-1894(70)/98, Research and implementation Director at PROJECT AID ASSOCIATES PUBLIC LTD (C-19295), Human Rights Environment Director Global-(W751227966-Paris), Associate Ambassador of Peace (UPF and IIFFWP) alongside compromise with many difficulties storiesof gender inequality, poor working or pay conditions and the strain of balancing motherhood and an architectural career. Has 3 times break of studies in Graduation period beside that time involve in research and achieve professional experiences along with writings and publications.   Painter from Child Hood .Got 103 Awards on Painting from 1987-1992.Got Mother Tharasha Award 2017 for Charity Education and Training, UNESCO award 2013 for Sustainable Design , USBG Green Certification in 2016.Have 7 publications on journals and magazines. In present waits for upcoming publications of a project book –Root to SDG2030.In present Searching new opportunities to serve the experience.

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